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Experience of UPSR

Hi babiesssss xx dah lama sangat tak blogging hewhew rindu. you know im done with my upsr examination. 
Firstly, im quite nervous and always thinking i can get 5a or not hm. im worry cause there some test before the real exam and i only get 5a two times but mom said i must think positive ...The night before upsr, i was crying a lot. Gelabah sangat masa tu, i read all the revesion books and became crazy. I also did the solat hajat and calm a while. Hm i sleep early so i can get enough sleep to answer the exam tmrw. When i woke up, i realized TODAY IS THE EXAM !!! Quickly took a shower and wear the school uniform. Im crying on the way to school . hahaha feeling sangat en bukan spm padahal lolz. take a deep breath and i felt more relax huh . Then, bila ustaz kahar baca doa dah hah feeling habis semua aduh mana nak letak muka buruk ni ha. Hisy nak buat apa lagi , naik dewan sambil terketar-ketar. Jantung dah macam terkeluar separuh. Alhamdulillah dapat jawab dengan tenang and takdelah susah mana act. Hoping that i'll get 5A, inshaAllah . Okaylah nak makan hot cup nampak tak orang malas nak masak :ppp

Byeeeee xx